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Bob Forbes

Bob Forbes

Cooling Tower Subject Matter Expert & Sales Engineer

About Bob

Bob's many years of experience with virtually every product Marley has ever sold, along with his extensive knowledge and expertise working with VFD’s around the country has contributed to the success of his career and current work in the repair and reconstruction end of RT Forbes’ business.  He continues to work with owners and numerous mechanical contractors on larger reconstruction jobs throughout the New England area.  Bob’s technical knowledge and experience make him a valuable asset to RTF.  He specializes in cooling tower rebuilds, retrofits, inspections and replacements. 

Bob’s long career with Marley started with summer work on a cooling tower construction crew in the early 1960's.  After serving in the military during Vietnam, he returned to Engineering school and graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst courtesy of the G I Bill.  In 1983, he and his old high school friend, Rich Scogland, bought RT Forbes Company from his father, Dick Forbes. Together, the two friends ran the company for many years until Bob sold his interest in the company to Rich. 

Bob’s hobbies have changed over the years from being adventurous: flying, scuba diving, rock & ice climbing, to now “safer” hobbies such as enjoying music, home improvements and spiritual expansion.  Bob is learning to support others in their own personal journey.  


Please E-mail Bob for any questions and inquiries

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